author: Tom Barry
category: Broadcast Video Plugins
requirements: YV12 Colorspace


Sometimes a video clip has black borders or garbage at the four edges. This looks ugly and does not compress well but possibly you don't want to crop because you have to keep the diminsions as a multiple of 16 or some other number. FillMargins is a simple Avisynth filter that fills the four margins of a video clip with the outer pixels of the unfilled portion. It takes integer 4 parms specifying the size of the left, top, right, and bottom margins. These may be any value and do not have to be any particular multiple.

Usage - To use it just

1) Place the FillMargins.dll in a directory somewhere.

2) In your AviSynth file use commands similar to

FillMargins(5,7,2,0)  # (left, top, right, bottom) 

Of course replace the file and directory names with your own. Apply appropriate numbers.

$Date: 2004/08/13 21:57:25 $