IBob (Interpolating Bob)


author: Interpolating Bob by Kevin Atkinson
version: v0.10 (C plugin, to be loaded with LoadCPlugin)
dowload: http://www.avisynth.org/warpenterprises/
category: Deinterlacing & Pulldown Removal 
requirements: YV12 &  YUY2 Colorspace

This simple filter works identically to the Avisynth built-in Bob filter except that it uses linear interpolation instead of bicubic resizing.
It usage is simple:


The advantages of IBob over the builtin Bob is:

1) The lines of the dominate field are untouched. In particular

orig = last
AssumeTFF().SeparateFields().SelectEvery(4, 0, 3).Weave()
Compare(last, orig)

Will report 0 difference between the original and the bob than unbobbed video (when the video format is yuy2, with yv12 the chroma will be slightly different). With the builtin bob this is not the case.

2) A bit faster than the built-in bob.

In can be made even faster by 1) dynamically compiling key parts to reduce register pressure and take advantage of the "base + index + displacement" addressing mode, and by 2) using vector extensions.

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