author: Ernst Peché
version: 20050921
dowload: http://www.avisynth.org/warpenterprises/
category: Misc Plugins

What it does

This filter loads raw video data.


RawSource (string filename, int width, int height, string pixel_type, int "offset")

filename: the raw file e.g. a YUV-file.

width = 720, height = 576: you must specify the image dimensions. width is max 2880.

pixel_type = "YUY2": the type of the raw data. An appropriate mapping to AviSynth's internal data is done. Supported types: RGB, RGBA, BGR, BGRA, YUYV, UYUV, YV12, I420.

offset = 0: constant header offset.

The framerate is fixed to 25fps, you can change it with AssumeFPS, if you need (e.g. for NTSC-material).

If a YUV4MPEG2-header is found, width/height/framerate/pixeltype is set according to the header data. Only fixed-length FRAME headers are supported. Note that YUV4MPEG2 is raw video with a header (avsyuv outputs it for example).



RawSource("d:\blue_sky.yuv", 1920, 1080, "YV12")
bilinearresize(352, 288)

# raw UYVY file with and offset of 1024:
RawSource("c:\video\test2.2vuy", 720, 304, "UYVY", offset=4*256)

# uncompressed mov with an offset of 48:
RawSource("x:\uncompressed_yuv_no_audio_720x486.mov", 720, 486,"UYVY", offset=48)

Here's a link which contains avi2yuv, which can be used to make raw yuv files. You need to feed it with uncompressed RGB files, otherwise it doesn't work.

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