AviSynth script syntax highlighting

For Colorer-take5 plugin for FAR Manager text editor

SweetLow <sweetlow (at) tut.by>
Fizick <bag (at) hotmail.ru>

Colorize and highlight Avisynth keywords for easy script editing.


Put both files (avisynth.hrc and avisynth_proto.hrc) to
C:\Program Files\Far\Plugins\Colorer\hrc\auto\

Alternatively, instead of avisynth_proto.hrc using,
you may try to add prototype declaration to some other prototype file.

Download avscolorer v3

Avisynth AVS syntax higlight for AkelPad text editor.


Place "avs.highlight" file to the folder:
C:/Program Files/AkepPad/AkelFiles/Plugs/

Download: avs-akelpad