author: Manao & Fizick
version: 1.2
category: Misc Plugins
requirements: YV12, YUY2 Colorspace
license: GPL

Clips correction. This filter allows to construct a clip, pixels per pixels, from the output clips, based on the analyse clips. Useful for motion compensated clips (MVTools plugin), etc. Ask scharfis_brain :-)

Syntax and parameters

Corrector (clip analyse_0, clip output_0, clip analyse_i[, ...], clip output_i[, ...], int "mode", int "th")

There's two mode.

mode = 0 : the output pixels whose collocated analyse pixels differs from the analyse_0 clip by less than th are averaged to form the new pixel. If none are found, the output_0 pixel is chosen.

mode = 1 : the output pixel whose collocated analyse pixels is the closest from analyse_0 clip is chosen. If none differs by less than th, the output_0 pixel is chosen.

Defaults are mode = 0 and th = 10.


This plugin is released under the GPL license. You must agree to the terms of 'Copying.txt' before using the plugin or its source code.
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Standalone plugin version 1.2 (14.02.2006) by Fizick

MVtools v0.9.8.3 (28.11.2004) by Manao

Download Corrector v.1.2