author: Manao & Fizick
version: 1.2
category: Misc Plugins
requirements: YV12, YUY2 Colorspace
license: GPL

It does a deblocking of the picture, using the deblocking filter of h264. It's useful to deblock the result of MVCompensate of MVTools plugin, etc.

Syntax and parameters

Deblock (clip, int "quant", int "aOffset", int "bOffset")

quant : the higher the quant, the stronger the deblocking. It can range from 0 to 60.

aOffset : quant modifier to the blocking detector threshold. Setting it higher means than more edges will deblocked.

bOffset : another quant modifier, for block detecting and for deblocking's strength. There again, the higher, the stronger.

Defaults are quant = 25, aOffset = bOffset = 0. If quant + aOffset is inferior to 16, the filter does nothing at all. The same goes for quant + bOffset.


To deblock the motion compensation (MVTools plugin)

vectors = source.MVAnalyse(isb = false, lambda = 1000)
compensation = source.MVCompensate(vectors, mode = 0)


This plugin is released under the GPL license. You must agree to the terms of 'Copying.txt' before using the plugin or its source code.
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Standalone plugin version 1.2 (14.02.2006) by Fizick

MVtools v0.9.11.1 (06.11.2005) by Fizick

DGDecode v1.2.1 (22.02.2005)

  • Manao: Added Deblock() blind H.264 deblocking filter (same version as in MVTools)
  • MVtools v0.9.6.2 (19.09.2004) by Manao

    Download Deblock v.1.2