VirtualDubMod updates

Special bug fixed versions by Fizick.

VirtualDub is free videoeditor by Avery Lee.

VirtualDubMod is a special (modded) version of it by other developers. See "about" info. It is more convenient for Avisynth, as have internal Avisynth script editor, refresh by "F5" and other useful things.

    Recently I found a small bug in Avisynth script editor of all VirtualDubMod versions from 1.4.13 to

    After selecting and editing some frame range (ranges) in VirtualDubMod, and then importing these Framesets to Trim, the end of every generated Trim command is not correct, but it is bigger by 1 frame.

    For example, after deleting frame 10 from clip with 100 frames (0 to 99), we will get command: Trim(0,10) ++ Trim(11,100)

    It is not correct. Must be: Trim(0,9) ++ Trim(11,99)

    I fixed this bug. As a base I used last available full source VirtualDubMod version from sourceforge.

But I did not know how to use CVS, and temporary release this build here.


Update VirtualDubMod v1.5.4.2 Build 2070 (October 13, 2004)

For skilled programmers only :)
Download changed v. source file only
Download full source v. [link removed]

For ordinary users:

Download binary update from v. to[link removed]

Installation: You must put update files over full release Get it from VirtualDubMod project at sourceforge.

Update VirtualDubMod v1.5.10.1 build 2512 (August 12, 2005)

Somebody must make similar correction to last version
But it seems, this project is dead :( . So, I make correction myself.
Here is the updated sources to

Download changed v. source file only

Changes list:
- Fixed: inserted frame range and imported frameset end position was 
  not correct in Avisynth Script editor.
- Fixed: too small string buffer to show Avisynth Information messagebox.
- Updated: added new Avisynth v2.5.5 and v2.5.6 keywords to highlight list.
Sources has also some latest fixes by Cyrius (taken frome CVS).

I hope, somebody will put my update to CVS, and release the official update at last.

Temporary I put compiled binary files here for download and test.

Download VirtualDubMod v. special build 2512 binary[link removed]

Released under GNU GPL v.2 license.

Latest news September 2005

New VirtualDubMod includes all my corrections (and more), so please do no use my special version anymore.
So, I removed binaries download link. :)