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My free video filters - plugins for AviSynth and related software were written (by me) mostly for old film restoration and video cleaning. They are placed in chronological ordering. All download> links are usually at the bottom end of every plugin description page.
P.S. I am not professional coder, so codes are ugly with many bugs, but somehow work :)

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EquLines plugin for Avisynt

Equalize total luminosity in pairs of even and odd lines (my fist - for learning and historical purpose only :-)

DeSpot plugin for Avisynth

Conditional Temporal Despotting Filter (formerly CTMedian)

GenMotion plugin for Avisynth

Generate Motion for Global Compensation (now obsolete, DePan is more advanced!)

DeScratch plugin for Avisynth

Film Scratches Removing

DePan plugin for Avisynth

Estimation and compensation of global motion (pan) (replaces GenMotion)

DeFlickerplugin for Avisynth

Mean intensity stabilizer

VagueDenoiser plugin for Avisynth

wavelet spatial denoiser (my small upgrade version of Lefungus/Kurosu filter)

DeGrainMedian plugin for Avisynth

Spatio-temporal limited median filter for grain removal

DeFreq plugin for Avisynth

Interference frequency remover

Special bug fixed version of VirtualDubMod

with correct "import of Framesets as Trims" in Avisynth script editor

GetDups plugin for Avisynth

Get unique duplicate frames

HotSpot plugin for Avisynth

Correct hotspot of projected films (port of VirtualDub plugin)

MVTools and new MVTools v2 plugin for Avisynth

Modified version of motion estimation and compensation plugin MVTools by Manao with some my new experimental functions.

FFT3DFilter plugin for Avisynth

3D Frequency Domain filter - denoiser

STMedianFilter plugin for Avisynth

bug fixed version of Tom Barry's filter

BlockOverlap plugin for Avisynth

Deblocking filter for MVTools etc

AVS syntax highlighting

AviSynth syntax file to colorize and highlight keywords.
1. For Colorer-take5 plugin for FAR Manager text editor (team works with SweetLow).
2. For AkelPad text editor

DeBlock plugin for Avisynth

Deblocking filter by Manao taken out from old MVTools

Corrector plugin for Avisynth

Corrector filter by Manao taken out from old MVTools

ReInterpolate420 plugin for Avisynth

updated version of Wilbert Dijkhof's filter - Corrects YUY2 point sampling of DV codec

BadFrames plugin for Avisynth

Replaces given bad frames by neighbors or blend (interpolation).

Yadif plugin for Avisynth

Port of Yadif deinterlacer from MPlayer.

ColorKeyFrame plugin for Avisynth

Linear interpolation of color correction with key frames

Rotate plugin for Avisynth

Frames rotation on any given angle

Unblock plugin for Avisynth

Strong deblocking with statistical approach

GreyC plugin for Avisynth

Greycstoration method of anisotropic blur

ExInpaint plugin for Avisynth

Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting be continued :-)  

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